Aggies in London Week 6

Aggie Blog Week 6 Another week in a place that once seemed so unfamiliar!  It has continued to grow on us with the exception of the constant mid-30s temperature.  This week, we were able to find a touch of home, visit a prestigious architecture firm, and visit places of historic significance and beauty, Homesick Hunger... Continue Reading →


Aggies In London Week 5

Aggie Blog Week 5 It’s our fifth week in London. We have been here for more than a month now and have become very comfortable moving about the city on our own. Some of us would say we’re real Londoners and people on the street even stop us to ask directions. This week was a... Continue Reading →

Aggies in London Week 4

   Aggie Blog Week 4                   Howdy! Working our way into Week Four we have been in London for almost a month now. Where did the time go? We are beginning to feel more like Londoners instead of Texans but we still fit in a Howdy or two every now and again, shocking the... Continue Reading →

Aggies in London Week 3

Aggie Blog Week 3 Well we made it to our 3rd week in London! As we continue to spend more time here, we continue to get more comfortable with each other and start to understand our surroundings better. Even though London is a massive city, it’s starting to feel more like home to everyone. Monday... Continue Reading →

Aggies in London Week 2

Aggie Blog Week 2 Starting off our second week in London, everyone has a reborn confidence on how to move about the city as if we were raised in London. The gang has all gotten to know each other well, and is getting along swimmingly. The “tour” week is behind us, so we looked forward... Continue Reading →

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